All Guns Blazing Ammo Supply offers high quality ammo that ships across the nation. Our ammo is available online and is the highest quality and best quantity you can find. The mission of All Guns Blazing Ammo Supply is to send quality ammunition across the country to law abiding citizens who desire to exercise their Second Amendment rights. We believe that you should be able to access high quality ammunition at a competitive price. All Guns Blazing Ammo Supply was founded by Jerry Prater as an online ammo store to offer quality ammunition and shooting supply accessories at competitive prices, but more importantly to combine your shopping experience with optimum customer service at the best price. Jerry brings many years of management leadership and is not only quality driven and hardworking, but he is also a devoted family member and patriot. 


The ammunition you purchase through All Guns Blazing Ammo Supply is exceptionally priced. We recently conducted an extensive price comparison study against other local ammo suppliers and shared a price comparison spreadsheet with potential clients at a recent gun show. We were able to show them that if you purchase from All Guns Blazing Ammo Supply, we can save you anywhere from $1 – $27 per single pack item of 250 rounds or less, as opposed to other local options. In addition, for full case amounts of .223 & 5.56 ammunition, we were able to save them anywhere from $108 to $206 for the same product that they can purchase locally elsewhere. Customers were in disbelief regarding the savings they can have when shopping us vs. local competition. Basically, our first public introduction of our website and product offerings at a local Lubbock Texas Gun Show event went extremely well, and exceeded our expectations. 


All Guns Blazing Ammo Supply has the best prices on the best ammunition. For whatever you need, get in touch with us today! We are here to get you the best price on your ammo!