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Purchase Policy:

Due to an increase in credit card chargebacks, we will place any order on hold where the billing and shipping addresses do not match.  For this scenario, we will require a valid state issued picture ID from the purchasing cardholder, to ensure the name and address on the picture ID aligns to the purchasing cardholder’s name and billing address.  I

If we cannot get in contact with you or if you choose to not provide the additional identification to protect both the consumer and AGB Ammo Supply against fraudulent activity, we will cancel your order and reimburse your purchase.

Order Cancellation Policy:

Orders can only be cancelled prior to shipment. We cannot cancel your order once it has shipped. 


No Refunds/Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final once your purchase ships. 

Restricted States:

Alaska  No Ammunition Sales
California – Due to the recent stay issued on 02.06.2024, we will not be able to ship to California resident’s doorsteps. We will ship to your FFL when we are provided with a California picture I.D. The address on your picture I.D. must align to the cardholder’s billing address. 
Connecticut  We need a copy of your Carry Permit or Ammunition Certificate
Hawaii  No Ammunition Sales
Illinois  We need a copy of your FOID Card
Massachusetts  No Ammunition Sales
New Jersey  We need a copy of your Firearms ID Card
New York  No Ammunition Sales
US Territories  No Ammunition Sales
Washington DC  No Ammunition Sales

Must be 21 years old for Handgun Ammunition and 18 for Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition.

Send your card, permit, or picture ID to